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are wondering what's left. the accused gunman james holmes will be in a courtroom at 9:30 local time a very brief hearing he will be informed of his right. we will not likely hear awe lot about the charges. from what we understand james holmes in a jail cell about 13 miles from here has basically shut down refusing to give any information at home to investigators, to police officers. don't expect much of course not much of a defense can they mount once the trial begins. the only way to defend appears to be an insanity defense. we do not know. this is a rallying spirit a town coming together here in aurora, colorado. we will have more on where the story goes at 5:30 a.m. 9:30, 11:30 eastern time. >> james live in aurora. thank you. >>> kelly wright joins us now. >> president obama travels to aurora to serve not as commander-in-chief but counselor chief. reaching out to victims and families and entire family still stunned. president owe barack obama met with each family dealing with the anguish of the senseless act of violence. he came to them not only as a president but as a father and husb
showers and storms. holmes' apartment. a poster in his bedroom showing several people shooting in various positions during a paint ball game. we see the doorknob police say he bobby trapped in an attempt to cause more destruction. a hoar refic rampage that left 12 people dead and dozens more injured. >> you have a right to remain silent. you make any statements they can be used against you. you have a right to be represented by an attorney. if you could not afford one in the statutory guidelines we will appoint one to you at no toss to yourself. the suspect with bright reddish hair he remained silent when addressed by the judge. he is being held without bail on suspicion of first degree murder and could facing a vated assault and weapons charges. her office will consider the death penalty. this is still a very active investigation she says. >>> i would say there was no such thing as a slam dunk case. it is a case where we will -- we are still looking at the enormous amount of evidence. we would never presume that it would be a slam dunk. we will work very hard on this case to prosecute it
@5:00. sipsychiatrist who treated jame holmes. marianne rafferty joins us with all of the details. what are we expecting today? >>> around 11:30 a.m. eastern james holmes will be in court to hear the charges against him. he will be charged with 12 counts of first degree murder but possibility of 58 counts of attempted murder charges pertaining not only the mass shooting but his booby trapped apartment. holmes was likely facing evictions. they will release a gag order allowing access to evidence including the package he allegedly sent to his psychiatrist dr. lynn fenton. they want to know what if anything she knew about the possibility of his attack. they are emerging about her history. he was disciplined the medical board in 2005 and previously recommended for prescribing vicodin, xanax and others to herself her husband and others in the 90s. the movie theater complex did not have any uniform guards on duty. others from the same country did. they declined to explain why there were no guards the night of july 20th. >> that is an interesting one isn't it? more about that later. >>> republican candidate mi
of attempted murder and 24 counts of murder in the first degree. those are the charges for james holmes. he's accused of killing people at a movie theater. the question of unsealing court records is set this week. a judge will decide if the notebook we told you about the one that holmes mailed to a psychiatrist whether that is evidence or is confidential. arthur aidala is here to breakdown all of the charges. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is still overseas and the tour is coming to an end today. he received a warm welcome. in less than an hour he is set to make a speech focusing on the relationship between the two countries. while there visiting with polish president the hero of the cold war giving what romney's spain is calling endorsement for the candidates. >> two men are accused of making a fake charity and pocketing thousands of dollars in donations they received. they showed up at a memorial event with a pickup truck. they had the names of fist responders who died on 9-11 written on the side of that truck. they allegedly collected donations sold t-shirts and claimed th
james holmes the ladies and gentlemened gunman mail add noted book to a psychiatrist full of details about how he was going to kill people. ainsley earhardt has more on this. >>> sources say holmes sent a notebook to a psychiatrist at the university of colorado medical center. what was inside extremely disturbing. >> don't know how specific it was to what actually happened but there are definitely gun figures shooting at other stick figures. >> fox news sources say this is video of the notebook being removed on monday. even more troubling it might have been there in that mail room unopened for up to a week. the package was either postmarked or delivered on july 12th. that was a full week before this massacre. the university of colorado claiming it was delivered four-days after the attack monday and found that same day. we hear the psychiatrist is also a professor there who also treated patients at a psychiatric outpatient facility. it is unknown if the suspect and that doctor had any direct contact. the fbi is investigating that notebook. a neighbor talking about the music blaring in
there for days. he was one of sheen's clothes--t friends. >> katie perry, we are hearing holmes claimed in court papers her marriage fizzle fizzled six months ago. tom cruise blind sided by the thing. holmes is no longer wearing her wedding ring. >> allen clayton finally finds what he is looking for and that is justice. a court in ireland finding his former assistant carol hawkins guilty of swindling him out of $3.6 million simply by writing checks to herself. >> now for your starting lineup around the stories making headlines at this hour. there ar tourists fail to go reach the olympics for the 6th time. finishing 4th in the free style missing out on the olympics by just 900ths of a second. a runoff to decide third place runoff called off. geneva backing out hours before. her heart wasn't in it and she believes she had won that race initially. allison felix now gets the spot. lamar owed dam back in l.a. the clirps in a trade with dallas. he averaged career loads. 20 minutes before the hour and coming up, the white house actually bullying groups in order to implement it's green agenda. we will t
we can all take the advice. is someone spying on the actor katie holmes. there is new reports the prief vat -- private eye's soon to be ex-husband. we will talk about that. >> there's an explanation as to why you are more likely to be running late today. as we head to break let's look at the prices at the pump. national average stands at 3.32 a gallon. we will be right back. >> the chairman of barclay bank cashing out. he could step down as soon as today. the bank agreed to pay $453 million to u.k. regulators to settle an investigation into an ladies and gentlemened interest rate manipulation. a survey found most women put more time into their appearance earlier on in the week to make good impression to their colleagues. half admitting they stop make the effort bynes. >> i don't think it's to make a good impression you just roun ot of time middle of the week. >> recent studies show the average guy lies 6 times a day as twice as often as women do. >> i think it might be more than that. according to relationship experts here are the top five lies men tell. number 5, my battery d
massacre remains in solitary confinement. prosecutors continue to go build their case against james holmes. christian bale stopped a colorado medical center to meet with survivors of the rampage and to thank the hospital staff for all of their work. bail also paying tribute to the victims by attending a memorial outside of the theater. good news this morning katie medley a pregnant woman who escaped the massacre without injury gave birth to a baby boy hugo jackson medley. hugo's dad is fighting for his life. he lost his right eye in the shooting and has brain damage. >>> new analysis by the congressional budget office will shrink a little but still costs a staggering amount. states being allowed to opt out of medicaid will reduce the deficit by $84 billion over the next 10 years. that bring the cost of the healthcare law down to $1.2 trillion much more than the 94 billion he initially said. 3 million people will also gain coverage. repealing the obama care will cost $3 billion. >>> allen is accused of mailing the letters containing white powder to senators rubio and bill nelson's office la
. >> oot mission almost seemed impossible now a little entertainment news for you. katie holmes won primary custody of her daughter. less than two weeks after filing for divorce from tom cruise. they hammered out a deal. cruise gets visitation rights. but there are restrictions on exactly what he can discuss with suri about scientology. >> julia margulies is slapped with a lawsuit by her former managers. the actress has stopped paying their fair share of her earnings. they want 420,000 dollars. so far no word from margulies. >> the best selling book 50 shades of gray to the big screen. they were hand picked by the author herself. meantime scientists they come up with this, their version of what the main character christian gr grey looks like. famous actors and sports stars women thought he may look like. >>> summer tradition hours away from baseball's all star game and brian kilmeade is life in kansas city with a preview for us. >>> hey, how is it going? good to see you up early again. the next tour is always about the year derby. 40,000 showed up to watch and it was wild. >> oo it is gone.
are some of the charges against the suspected colorado movie theater gunman as you see james holmes. here to breakdown all of the charges criminal defense attorney and fox news contributor arthur eye daidala. 58 wounded 116 counts of attempted murder. >> for each individual there are two theories. one theory is intentional murder. the prosecutor would have to prove at trial is that individual who is killed joe schomo who was killed that he went over and executed joe schomo so that is one count. as opposed to the depraved indifference to human life which means you go in and fire the gun randomly. there will be a lot of eyewitnesss and they are all going to be individuals. he went right over to and executed there are other individuals who he just sprayed the bullets all around. that goes for the people who died unfortunately and the people who were seriously injured. >>> the prosecutor didn't over charge the case. she focused on what happened to the movie theater. she could have added on dozens of charges of what was happening at his apartment and all of the bombs and trip wires. she focuse
enforcement sources tell fox news james holmes the alleged gunman in the movie massacre mailed a disturbing note to a psychiatrist full of details about how he was going to kill people. >> due know how specific it was to what actually happened but there were gun holding stick figures shooting at other stick figures. >> even more troubling it may have sat unopened in the mail room for up to a week. the university of colorado says it was found monday and mailed the same day. it is not known if he had direct contact. >> the mother of hall of maimer cal ripken junior recovering after a terrifying kidnapped. she was ab dublted by an armed man and forced into a car. she was found at in a car the following day. they are still looking for the hollander. >> they shut down a 13-year-old boy's hot dog stand because it violates zoning rules. he saved $1,200 from mowing lawns and shoveling snow to buy that hot dog stand. also he could help out his disabled parents and raise money for college. >>> mad and sad. last time i went to city council meeting they were encouraging me to set up here. going to go t
time home in north carolina. he was 86 years old. and it looks like katie holmes will not be cashing in by leaving "forbes" highest paid actor tom cruise. tmz reports the couple's prenup cuts her out of his fortune. but sources insist katie is fine with that. because she's not about the money. meantime, cruise reportedly met with his lawyers. and gwen stefani is the latest celebrity to host a fundraiser for the president. a $5,000 donation will get you up close with the singer and her special guest, first lady michelle obama. >> i love it. they call it progressive play date because apparently people can bring their children. >> family time. >> the time now is 38 after the top of the hour. and coming up, it is beyond the call of duty for a special group of soldiers. we'll have their stories on this independence day. >> and we're also reading your e-mails and your tweets for this question today. a new study found the secret to what makes somebody cool. we're not talking about temperatures. we're talking about hip and that kind of thing. let us know what you think makes people cool an
will not find out about the year james holmes studied neuroscience from the university of colorado. the judge barring any of their records. leasing them would i am bead an ongoing investigation. several media organizations filed a request for those. >>> they may get pink slips days before the presidential election coming from a senior pentagon official. all part of spending cuts passed by congress signed president obama last summer. the prospect may be unserving for the president especially since most of the layoffs will be in places like virginia, florida battle ground states. >> this may be the guy who abducted cal ripken's mother from her home on tuesday. val ripken was found unharmed in the back seat of her car. police are not saying where the picture of the suspect was taken. they describe him as a white male 180 pounds with brown hair and glasses. they are offering a $200,000 reward for his arrest and conviction. >>> republican presidential candidate mitt romney getting ready to attend opening ceremonies for the olympic games in london. he spent the night at the fundraiser raking in $2
danes is also pregnant. this will be her first child with her husband. katie holmes' lawyer denying reports that the actress wants an emergency custody hearing on that and child support. a hearing of this kind would have required her to have an open courtroom. and that would allow the public to hear all the nitty-gritty about that divorce. and she is still crushing the competition. adele is already leading this year's album sales race selling 3.7 million copies of "21" so far in 2012. the singer taking home the top selling title in 2011. and now for your starting line-up, a roundup of all the sports stories making headlines at this hour. lakers pulling off a huge deal likely putting them back in the hunt for a title. reports say that they've worked out a sign and trade deal with phoenix for point guard steve nash. they'll give up four draft picks for the two time m.v.p. and talk about a heart of gold. chad ochocinco inviting a grieving widow to his wedding. she asked for his prayers on twitter. he told her to start packing for his wedding. dreams really do come true. a double ampute
revealing james holmes was reportedly targeting people grabbing them out of their seats and shooting them down. >>> christian bale stopped the medical center to meet with survivors and hospital staff. >> recall of baby strollers. they are recalling 223,000 strollers this over concern children could get their heads stuck between the feet and the tray. another baby was nearly strangled. the recall includes all strollers with a child tray and one cup holder made between january 2004 and september 2007. you can go to the company web site for a free repair kit. they are recalling some of the strollers over similar concerns. no injuries have been reported there. for the first time we are seeing a chilling video of a 2006 attack at sea world san diego. you can see a 6,000 pound killer whale grabbing experienced trainer ken peter's foot and traging him under the water. flashing him around for nearly 15 minutes this went on. he was finally able to swim for safety. despite deep bite marks and a broken foot there's an ongoing lawsuit genesee world by the u.s. labor department over the death of anoth
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)